About us


TOM’s vision is a world in which technology and innovation allow every person access to affordable solutions to their needs. 


TOM‘s moonshot mission is to help 250,000,000 people by inspiring and supporting a global network of communities dedicated to its vision.

our Process

We create and build products that improve the lives of people with a disability, where there is no obvious or current solution in the market. We focus on making assistive technology more accessible and affordable for people with complex needs. 

We work with people with a disability who have a specific need, "Need-Knowers", and connect them with a diverse group of professionals, including engineers, industrial designers, health professionals and tradespeople, "Makers". 

Together, they design and build products that solve a complex problem and improve the everyday life of the Need-Knower. Recent prototypes include robotic arms, powered crutches, wheelchair wheel cleaners and bespoke exercise machines. The intellectual property for every product is then shared through open-source Digital Product Files, so others can replicate or iterate it in their own communities around the world. 

Step 1:


Together with community members and local disability organisations we identify ‘Neglected Challenges’ with ‘Need-Knowers’. Neglected Challenges are conditions that do not have an affordable market or government solutions. Need Knowers are individuals with a personal understanding of a Neglected Challenge.

Step 2:


Challenges are then addressed during our flagship Makeathon event where teams of Makers and Need-Knowers work together over 2-3 days to create a prototype solution. All solutions become available in the public domain so that any TOM community can continue to develop and replicate the solutions in their own community. 

Step 3:


Through a process known as Developer Groups, we continue working on the prototypes developed at the Makeathon, upgrading them into TOM Products. TOM products are robust, reliable and durable. A TOM product consists of a physical solution as well as a Digital Product File which can then be downloaded for replication in any makerspace around the world. 

Step 4:


In partnership with local makerspaces, TOM Products are manufactured and distributed on a small scale. TOM products can be purchased online from our products page. Once purchased, a TOM team member will get in contact with you to discuss how the product can be included within your NDIS support plan. 

our history

Since 2016, TOM: Melbourne has developed a range of programs, including holding Makeathon events, building a developer network, establishing TOM @ University and offering STEM workshops in schools

TOM: Melbourne has seen some great impact so far. We've helped 42 people with a disability, created a network of over 400 "Makers" and partnered with innovative organisations, such as Swinburne University of Technology, PwC and Solve Disability Solutions. 

tom communities

TOM was established in Israel in 2014 with a moonshot goal of impacting the lives of 250, 000, 000 people within a decade. 

Five years later, TOM has established 60+ communities across 20+ countries, creating 400+ unique solutions for individuals living with a disability





Communications and Programmes Coordinator

Kellen Huang

Technology and Innovation Coordinator



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