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accessible backpack


Name: Steve

Event: TOM @ University



Steve experiences genetic Macular Degeneration, a condition also experienced by his father and grandfather. As a result of his condition, Steve has experienced complete loss of his central vision, whilst maintaining limited peripheral vision. Steve uses various visual aids (i.e., eyeglasses and magnifying glass) and a Rollerball cane to assist him in his everyday life. Despite his condition, Steve maintains a great level of independence. With the use of his cane, Steve is able to engage in his everyday activities including independent travel, grocery shopping and caring
for his granddaughter. However, as a visually impaired person Steve does have some concerns about his safety in community. Steve has expressed a desire for a less cumbersome accessory that serves to protect or safeguard him from dangers whilst out in the community.


The Steve Swing is a solution for Steve who has genetic  Macular Degeneration and experiences difficulty in regards to managing his priority visual aids and everyday items in his bag. The solution aims to increase his accessibility to his required items. The developed solution later has the potential of universality and usability by all people. The Steve Swing is a bright yellow bag with rigid body and customized in-built side compartments. The function is front swing and grasps motion of user to access to their belongings from side-fip compartment.

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