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Accessible Shoelaces


Name: Joanne

Event: Ballarat Makeathon



Joanne is a 47-year-old with a neurological degenerative muscular disease which limits her mobility in her arms and legs. Joanne has trouble using her hands due to her flexed wrists and poor skin quality, making simple tasks incredibly difficult. Joanne would like a device to help her both undo and tie her laces independently, without her carer.


Team Joanne have developed a simple and elegant solution that discreetly integrates into her shoes. The team designed a 3D printed piece of TPU (plastic) that can be stitched into the shoe, holding both sides together with the zipper. The zipper runs along the shoe leaving room for a double knotted bowtie on top as joanne has requested a large oring to the zipper. There is a large oring attached to the zipper to enable joanne to easily pull the zipper open/closed.

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