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Adjustable Guide Dog Harness


Name: Sif

Event: TOM: Melbourne Makeathon 2017


Sif Dal is a guide dog handler. Sif has Tunnel Vision, Nystagmus, Sensitivity to glare, Myopia, and is also Long Sighted. To assist Sif navigating around obstacles while walking she has Harlem, the dog guide, who wears a harness which connects to a handle which Sif holds onto while walking with Harlem.

She would like to create an adjustable handle for her dog guide harness so that she can easily alter its length. She would also like her harness to incorporate technological features in order to make navigation easier.


Creating a safe and accessible solution for her and her friends' phones to act as a beacon to locate each other - Mate Locate. A button on the harness which can activate voice assistants and phone apps (utilising the proprietary Flic button for PoC)

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