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adjustable guide dog harness


The adjustable harness enables guide dog handlers to readjust the length and/or angle of the harness handle to suit their needs. For example, if the user’s shoes cause a significant change in height, they can lengthen the handle so they can stay safely and comfortably remain positioned beside the dog. The flex in the handle helps for the handle to meet the new position whilst still maintaining the required rigidity to enable the user to feel the dog’s movements. The design can be fitted to fabric or leather harnesses.

The handle is constructed from a luggage handle, which was modified using hardware and 3D printed parts so it can be easily attached to a typical guide dog harness. In this way, the handle can be adjusted with a single button press and released or reattached with ease. The major parts are summarised below:

  • Luggage handle

  • Flexible handle ends

  • Quick release harness latch

harness on dog.jpg
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