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adjustable guide dog harness


Name: Sif

Event: Developer Groups


Sif Dal has tunnel vision, Nystagmus, sensitivity to glare, myopia, and is also long sighted. To assist Sif navigating around obstacles while walking she has Harlem, her guide dog, who wears a harness which connects to a handle that Sif holds. Sif would like to create an adjustable handle for her dog guide harness so that she can easily alter its length. She would also like her harness to incorporate technological features in order to make navigation easier.


Sif’s team of Makers developed an adjustable dog guide harness, to be both telescopic and flexible. The telescopic handle allows for change in length, with an added spring mechanism ensuring the harness can be angled at various points. Therefore, the harness can be used as a single solution harness, regardless of the individual's height, stance or dog size.

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