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Art Grip


Name: Lorraine

Event: TOM: Melbourne Makeathon 2017



Lorraine has cerebral palsy and has difficulty drawing independently at her art class she attends each Tuesday.

Lorraine would like to be able to draw more independently at her art class she attends each Tuesday. Currently Lorraine wears strap on her hand with a small insert for a pencil and her support worker guides her arm via her hand and/or elbow. Without the strap Lorraine has difficulty holding the pencil securely in her hand. As Lorraine has cerebral palsy she has difficulty with mobility in both arms. How can we help Lorraine draw more independently?


Our solution is threefold:

  1. a custom-fitted hand strap that provides a better stability and securement of the pencil in Lorraine’s hand

  2. a magnetic art board with gliding pencil grip that allows for better control and angulation of the pencil

  3. an articulating arm rest that supports Lorraine's arm, reducing the load on the support staff and allowing Lorraine to have a larger range of motion

These three parts can be used in isolation or the articulating arm rest can be used in conjunction with one of the other two to provide greater independence to Lorraine.

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