TOM Ballarat Makeathon

When: 23 - 24 November 

Where: Ballarat Tech School, Federation University

Why: To make assistive technology for people with disability 


The TOM Ballarat Makeathon is a weekend marathon of making which connects Need-Knowers (individuals with a deep understanding of neglected challenges, often individuals living with a disability) with teams of Makers (engineers, designers, allied health professionals, problem solvers, etc) to create assistive technology solutions. 

Teams will be tasked with delivering a prototype solution by the end of the Makeathon weekend. All solutions will then be available in the public domain on the TOM web platform for anyone to access and download around the world.

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Do you want to volunteer your skills to make a real difference in the lives of those living with a disability?


We are seeking Makers (engineers, designers, software and hardware developers, health professionals, hobbiests etc) with a passion for social change to volunteer over a weekend marathon of making to create assistive technology for people with disabilities.


Makers will be placed in small teams and connected with Need-Knowers (individuals living with a disability, support workers, family members, health professionals, etc) who will present their challenge.

If you're a coroporate professional, tinkerer, graduate or student come join us at the TOM Ballarat Makeathon!

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Do you have a specific physical or verbal challenge that you face on a daily basis?


We are seeking Need-Knowers (individuals living with disability, support workers, family members, health professionals, anyone with an intimate understanding of an overlooked need) to submit a challenge.


Don't miss the opportunity to collaborate with teams of Makers over a weekend to develop a customised assistive technology solution just for you!


Take a moment to imagine what you need and dream big! Join us at the TOM Ballarat Makeathon for a life changing experience!

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Are you looking for a way to help your Community? Do you strive for Social Inclusion and Equal Opportunity? Are you interested in learning about the power of technology?


Our events see Makers and Need-Knowers join forces to develop creative, low cost solutions to address needs of people with a disability (Need-Knowers).

We are constantly seeking volunteers for general event support and assistance to ensure our events run smoothly.