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Ellie Moskow

Ellie Moskow

Image description: Ellie smiling in front of a fence

This month our community spotlight is on Ellie Moskow, who completed an internship with TOM: Melbourne in 2021 and continues as a member of the TOM: Melbourne team. 

You completed your internship with TOM: Melbourne in 2021. What motivated your decision to want to work with TOM?

Joining the TOM team has always been an exciting prospect for me. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Design, majoring in Mechanical Systems. I have volunteered in varying capacities for organisations that work with people with disabilities, and have always had a passion to work in the field. TOM allows me to combine both my studies and this passion.

What did you enjoy about your internship and what did you learn during that time?

My internship was an awesome learning experience. While difficult because of the work from home aspect, I was able to gain skills that will assist in any future career. The team at TOM: Melbourne are extremely welcoming and kind, and this made my internship a great experience. This internship gave me an insight into working with a tight-knit team and collaborating on projects.

You are now doing some work with TOM: Melbourne. What are you looking forward to during this time?

I am looking forward to becoming more involved in all the upcoming plans/initiatives, specifically the Makeathon, as this is our main event. A large amount of preparation has gone into ensuring it will be a success, and I am excited about the opportunities it will bring to learn and grow.

January 2022

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