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Independent play


Name: Naina Mohan

Event: TOM @ University 



Naina is a young girl with cerebral Palsy who is non-mobile due to her disability. A Jumparoo was one of Naina's only ways to experience free and active play, but she has long since outgrown this and is seeking a new product to use. Cerebral Palsy is a non-progressive, lifelong condition that affects motor skills, such as movement, posture, and balance. Being non-mobile greatly hinders a child's ability to take part in fundamental development activities.

Naina's challenge involved finding a method to allow Naina to continue to move and experience free and active play as she grows.


The solution is a play frame with a bungee system which can be integrated into the home environment and provide engagement for the user. Bounce provides these children an opportunity to play independently and take part in an enjoyable, highly rewarding physical activity. The product keeps the user supported with a harness and elastic straps to provide them with the freedom to move and bounce. This design has not undergone safety testing. Please involve relevant experts to provide guidance on the safety and suitability of this design for your situation.

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