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Together with TOM: Global, TOM: Melbourne has adjusted to the uncertain and unpredictable circumstances being faced globally. Essential workers, specifically those working on the frontline to support the homeless and indigenous communities, are at high-risk of covid19 and in dire need of solutions to protect themselves during the pandemic.


As a response to this neglected need we have launched a project and partnered with FAB9AU to manufacture and distribute protective face shields (PPE) to help protect health care and outreach teams performing important services with some of Australia's most vulnerable and marginalised community members. Locally made face shields are a quality product that have proven easy and fast to manufacture, can be re-used and help slow the spread of COVID-19.


our mission

Our mission during this time is to fundraise to manufacture and deliver reusable protective face shields (PPE) to charitable organisations supporting the homeless, indigenous and other vulnerable communities.

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