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stable filming on crutches


Name: Amy

Event: TOM @ University



Our need knower is Amy Marks a 21-year-old media student with cerebral palsy and this is her first involvement with the TOM makeathon. Amy uses crutches to mobilise, which affects her balance and gross motor skills. As a media student, Amy wants to be able to film documentaries and short films independently carrying a hand-held camera, which she currently finds difficult. Our challenge is to produce a device that will assist Amy film whilst on crutches as independently and as stable as possible.


Our device started off as a simple camera stabilisation vest that is worn over the shoulders and strapped around the waist with a buckle. In order to tailor the vest towards Amy's needs, we created a 3 arm stabilisation system using 3D printed parts and Loc-line. To increase comfort and usability we added padding and replaced the buckle strapping with velcro straps for easier use with Amy's fine motor skills.

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