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Golf Club Grip


Name: Beau Vernon

Event: TOM: Melbourne Makeathon 2017



As a result of a sporting accident, Beau sustained a spinal cord injury (C6) resulting in quadriplegia. The injury left him with limited movement of his arms and no finger movement at all. Beau is a very active and sporty person and would love to play 9 holes of golf with his mates. Currently, he can only go to the driving range to play where he has to a tape golf club to his hand. Whilst Beau can hit the ball quite effectively one-handed and with the tape solution he really wants to play 9 holes with his mates. Therefore Beau is looking for a gripping solution so that he can take clubs in and out of the bag and hold them whilst swinging. Also, the taping solution is uncomfortable and causes unwanted strains on his wrist, running the risk of injury. We spent lots of time listening to Beau establishing an understanding of the problem and what he wanted out of a design.


The device is a glove which interfaces with a golf club and is made out on physical components. No electronics, no software only parts that are easily sourced.

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