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Rett syndrome
mittens & Brace


Name: Beatrice 

Event: 2022 Metro Makeathon



Beatrice is a child with Rett Syndrome. Rett Syndrome is a rare genetic neurological and developmental disorder that affects the way the brain develops. This disorder causes a progressive loss of motor skills and language. Rett Syndrome is characterised by a frequent habit of mouthing hands and sucking and/or biting hands and fingers. Beatrice's challenge involved finding a method for limiting her ability to bite herself, yet still giving her the independence she needs to play.


Team Beatrice designed an elbow brace to limit Beatrice's ability to move her hand to her mouth, and developed a custom leather mitten to protect her skin. The solution is low-cost and can be sourced from off-the-shelf parts, an ideal project for someone with background knowledge in sewing/alterations.  

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