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independent eating

TOM 2019 Sunday Highlights High Res-26.j

Name: Dati Yalamu

Age: 14

Event: 2019 Makeathon


Dati is a 14-year-old boy living with Cerebral Palsy that finds it difficult to eat without assistance from his parents. His hands shake making it difficult for him to feed himself with a spoon. Dati is seeking an affordable solution to help him live and eat more independently so he can spend more time working on his biggest passion – graphic design.


Team Dati have created a robotic feeding mechanism controlled using Dati’s foot that mimics human hand movements. The team adapted an open source robotic arm, creating a customised spoon attachment that is mounted on a wooden case. When Dati engages the green button with his foot, the arm scoops up the food and delivers it to his mouth. When he presses the red button, the plate carrying the food spins around so that he can access different parts of the bowl.

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