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Magnetic Bracelet


Name: Anat

Event: TOM: Melbourne Makeathon 2016



Our need-knower, Anat, sustained a brain injury following a car accident in 2004. Anat was in a coma for 3 months and was an inpatient in the hospital for 13 months. This period of time involved intensive rehabilitation which has continued for many years. Anat’s brain injury resulted in loss of balance.

Anat’s right-hand shakes and she finds it difficult to perform everyday activities including writing and using utensils. Her left arm does not function very well because of spasticity (makes her hand very weak). Anat would like to improve her right-hand functions in order to be able to write and use utensils easier and with more stability.


The team created a magnetic bracelet with a metal sheet which can be slotted into a notebook. Once the user wears the bracelet and has the metal sheet inside the notebook, the magnetic force of the bracelet will hold the arm down on to the notebook while allowing the user's arm to slide around thus, minimising the tremor of the user and improving the legibility. The team used a silicone material for the bracelet and provided the magnetic force with rare earth magnets. To maximise the effect of the prototype, the elbow must be in level with the notebook and write in an upright posture.

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