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Magnetic Cooking Board Holder


Name: Access Inc. 

Event: 2022 Metro Makeathon



Access Inc. runs programs which help young adults with disabilities to build skills and confidence, and foster a sense of belonging in the community. A participant in their cooking classes has minimal use of one hand. When mixing in a bowl, he needs a second person to hold on to the bowl because a rubber mat is not always enough to hold it in place. Otherwise, he leans onto the bowl and holds it with his upper body and the less dominant arm. Access Inc. wants a solution which will allow students in their classes to cook independently and comfortably.


Team Access Inc. designed a magnetic cooking board holder which allows any individual with limited mobility to keep the cooking bowl stationary when mixing ingredients. This means someone can stir independently with one hand without the aid of another person. This simple, inconspicuous solution enables more independence while preparing food, which is an activity many of us engage in every day.

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