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mask release system

Name: Austin (& Kathleen)

Event: 2019 Makeathon



Austin, a child who lives with Congenital Muscular Dystrophy, uses a Bipap Ventilator (with a mask that covers his nose and mouth) overnight to support his breathing while he sleeps. Austin’s muscles are weak and as a result he cannot operate the mask independently. Additionally, due to muscle weakness in his stomach, Austin often vomits overnight causing a build-up of stomach discharge in his mask, which can be extremely dangerous (risk of aspiration). Currently Austin relies solely on someone watching him and manually removing the mask if he vomits. Austin would like a solution that increases his level of safety. This challenge is in consultation with Austin’s current medical team.


Austin’s team designed custom 3D printed latches containing liquid capacity sensors that attach to his Bipap mask. When liquid enters the mask, the latches are triggered causing the mask to release from Austin’s face, reducing the risk of aspiration.

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