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Modular Gaming Controller


Name: Gemma and Alex

Event: TOM: Melbourne Makeathon 2016


Gemma is a specialist Occupational Therapist & Assistive Technology Consultant that has a challenge for Alex, her client who has a spinal cord injury. 

Alex has no finger control and finds it difficult to hold a video game controller in his hand. Her challenge is to create a controller modification device that can be used with one hand. This problem also exists for drone and other remote control cars that require hand control.


The CanPlay Station is a modular Playstation4 controller featuring a tray with large buttons, a head switch and customisable joysticks positioned to suit Alex’s reach and arm movement. Large buttons can be pressed with knuckles or the side of the hand. Button size and position can be changed so those used most are easiest to reach. The joystick handle is large for an easier grip. Position and size of the joysticks can be changed so they are easier to reach and manipulate. Head switch buttons enable Alex to hold 2 buttons down at the same time while still using the joystick. The interface that connects the gaming buttons to the controller has 3.5 mm jacks. This means a wide range of Ability switches could also be used as gaming buttons.

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