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One-arm Towel Drying

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Name: Harry

Age: 22

Event: TOM: Melbourne Makeathon 2017


Harry's challenge is to create a drying solution for both his front and back that he can operate independently to dry both sides of his body using one hand. The solution needs to be portable so that he can take it to the beach, swimming pool, and on holiday overseas. It also needs to be safe for him to use independently without creating a hazard if he were to have a seizure.


This solution is an elasticised belt with a ring and clamp on it that attaches to a regular towel. The ring can slide around the belt to allow towel access to all areas and the belt anchors the towel like a second hand. When you've finished drying your front, you can hold the towel with one hand and flick over your shoulder. Grasp the end of the towel hanging behind you to manoeuvre from side to dry your back. Remove the clamp before putting the belt and towel in the washing machine. It can be used anywhere and with any towel.

This solution includes:

  • A machine-washable elastic belt with a 3D printed ring attached 

  • A customised 3D printed spring clamp that attaches to the ring (with a 'trigger' for operation)

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