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assisted pants applicator

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Name: Spiros

Event: TOM@University 2022


Spiros experiences difficulty dressing himself due to limited function in his left hand. A big part of his day is having to use his limited support worker time in order to assist him in getting dressed. Spiros wants to be more independent and hopes to dress himself without waiting for help. He would like to develop a product to assist him in finding a way to pull up his pants independently from a seated position.


Team Spiros developed a dressing aid to assist in the motion of pulling pants up. The device is low-tech and affordable, with most materials coming off-the-shelf. By moving his legs in a downwards motion, the rollers provide mechanical support to pull the pants up his legs, until he is able to hold them with his hands and finish dressing himself. Spiros and his team want to further develop this prototype to be more comfortable and improve its safety. 

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