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TOM 2019 Sunday Highlights High Res-24.j

Name: John

Event: 2019 Makeathon



John would like a solution to pick up anything that falls onto the floor. Factors such as the distance between the height of his wheelchair and the lack of dexterity in his prosthetics affect his ability to pick things up. John is seeking a solution that will grip onto objects and be dexterous enough to allow him to access things on the floor that would otherwise be out of reach.


John’s team have designed a mechanism that allows John to easily pick up objects off the floor. The team have modified a single crutch by incorporating a pulley mechanism that opens
and closes a claw. The crutch interfaces with his right arm, allowing John’s left arm to control the pulley.

Safety Information

All digital product files on this page are provided as conceptual designs and were developed by volunteers through a TOM Melbourne event or program.  The design file is provided in the interest of sharing ideas and promoting collaboration. The design as described in the document(s) has not been tested or assessed for safety. Please do not attempt to use any device built using these instructions without first seeking appropriate professional advice on the safety and suitability of the device for your personal situation. 
TOM: Melbourne are unable to advise on the suitability of any design or device for your personal situation, however if you have general questions relating to the instructions or documentation, please contact us via our  email:

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