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Fid, a 51-year-old active man affected by Becker Muscular Dystrophy, loves going to the theatre, restaurants and friends’ houses.  He walks using crutches when he goes out but struggles getting off standard chairs, sofas and stools – it causes unnecessary back pain from weight-bearing on his crutches. Fid is seeking a portable and lightweight solution that he can operate independently that could raise him up and down off these surfaces.


Team Fid have developed a set of motorised crutches that have enabled Fid to stand up from a chair independently for the first time in 9 years. The crutches are powered by a set of actuators that Fid can trigger using a button built in to the crutch grips. After raising himself up and subsequently standing, Fid can remove the temporary seat, which he will be able to stow away and carry with him anywhere he goes.

Fid Portable Stand Up Device - TOM Melbo

Name: Fid Constantinides 

Age: 51

Event: Makeathon 2019


Portable stand up solution


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