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Portable wheelchair ramps


Name: Stacey

Event: Developer Groups



Stacey has muscular dystrophy and uses a power wheelchair
for everyday activities. Many shops/cafes and other buildings have a single step up to enter. Stacey would like to be able to drive up curbs and single steps more independently. Team 3: Step Up from the 2016 TOM: Melbourne Makeathon built a portable wedge (ramp) to enable a power wheelchair to safely mobilise a 150mm step or curb. The team also devised a magnetic pole that could help Stacey place the ramps down. The team designed the ramps so that they could be placed on Stacey’s wheelchair. The final construction took advantage of laser cutting facilities and was painted gold, a crucial element to add some ‘bling’ to Stacey’s power chair, whilst also provided a coating to protect the marine grade plywood. Since the Makeathon, Stacey has switched to a new wheelchair requiring new build specifications. Furthermore, the ramps, when wet, cause the wheelchair to slip off. Stacey would also like the ramps to be more accessible when stowed in her suitcase or back pack as they are currently bulky.


Portable Ramps are designed to allow wheelchair users to independently move over kerbs, gutters and other small height obstacles while moving through a town or city. The device is meant to be used for a single step or kerb.

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