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All Things Equal - April 2021

This month, our spotlight is on Anna Scholten and her son, Charlie, who will be participating at our upcoming Makeathon as Need-Knowers. Over the course of the Makeathon, our team of Makers will join with them to co-design a solution that would assist with more independent playtime between Charlie and his friends. Of their involvement Anna shares, “It is the most privileged opportunity to be a Need-Knower for TOM and to have access to something that is so critical in this world yet so rare for so many. It is such an honour and we feel so blessed to be a part of an organisation that is paving the way for access and development in the disability sector." Anna is also working with a team to revolutionise the way people with disability find meaningful employment with the opening of the new cafe, All Things Equal, in Balaclava, Melbourne.

Hear from Anna about what it means to contribute her knowledge and experience to providing purposeful employment and equal opportunity for all: “All Things Equal is a big part of the lives of all our staff. We are all gaining skills, purpose and direction but most importantly, having fun in a new and inclusive environment. I’m beyond proud to be part of this journey and excited at what the future now holds for each individual that walks through our doors.” Find out more about All Things Equal, and how they are providing people of all abilities the opportunity to contribute to society in a meaningful way.

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