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Amy Marks - October 2020

What's Amy been up to during lockdown?

Some of you might remember Amy from the 2017 Makeathon and the 2018 Developer Groups! After following her long-term dream of working at Walt Disney World, she is now home and working on the National Youth Disability Summit at CYDA - Children and Young People with Disability Australia. The summit starts next week, is free and online! Click here to check it out. "I'm genuinely excited for people with disability to get together and learn from each other and share their unique and valued expertise and experiences over the 5 days. I also encourage Makers without a disability to come along on the open day themed around awareness, access and inclusion to learn more about the disability community and what young people want it to look like. Who knows you may come up with an idea for your next project!" - Amy

Amy, we're so proud of you and can't wait to see you take over the world!

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