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Pressure Sensing Wheelchair Mat


Name: Jill and Reece

Event: TOM: Melbourne Makeathon 2016


Reece is an Occupational Therapist and has a challenge for one of his clients, Jill. Jill has cerebral palsy, which has affected all her arms and legs, meaning she is in a wheelchair full time. This has lead to an increase in the risk of a pressure-related injury. Although Jill has around the clock carers, she can still complete some tasks independently. It’s important that when undertaking these activities she remains in the correct posture to avoid a pressure-related injury. 

Her challenge is to create a pressure sensitive system with feedback that can be used on wheelchairs to help with posture and aid in the movement of the buttocks, legs, and back.


Jill’s team worked with her and Reece to create a system that sits under her in her wheelchair, using a network of sensors, that can alert her to incorrect movements or posture. This allows her and her carers to correct and avoid.

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