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    Accessible Shoelaces

    A system that enables an individual with poor motor control of their hands to easily and independently tie their shoelaces.

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    Shoe Applicator

    A device that enables and individual with poor motor control in their hands to hold their shoe open so that they can easily slide their foot in.

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    Daily Schedule App

    An iPad app that enables an individual with severe intellectual disability and ASD to easily keep track of her daily schedule.

  • Pool aid

    A modular and flexible system that enables an individual to participate in hydrotherapy without the assistance of multiple therapists.

  • Multifunctional Grabber

    A customised grabber that enables an individual with neuromyelitis optica to more easily and independently grab various objects. 

  • CPAP Mask Applicator

    A system that enables the application of a CPAP mask regularly and independently.

  • Quad Amputee Dog Lead

    A system that enables a quadruple amputee to independently and safely take their dog for a walk.

  • Wheelchair Bag System

    An automated system that brings bags held behind a wheelchair around to the side for easy access.

  • Custom Exercise Device

    A custom exercise apparatus developed for an individual living with the effects of Thalidomide. 

  • Independent toothbrush

    A device that enables an individual with poor motor control easily and independently brush their teeth. 

  • Portable Stand up Solution

    A modified set of crutches that enables an individual with Beckers muscular dystrophy to stand up from a seated position.

  • Eating Independently

    A 3D printed robotic feeding mechanism that allows and individual to eat independently.

  • Automatic Mask Release

    3D printed release latches incorporated into a ventilator mask to reduce the risk of aspiration.

  • Wheelchair Tray

    A custom wheelchair tray and storage unit that can be deployed using one arm or hand.

  • LED light indicator

    A device that allows an individual with low vision to know colour and frequency of an LED light.

  • Wheelchair Bowling Device

    A device that enables a wheelchair user to go indoor bowling and fire a bowling ball from their wheelchair.

  • Wheelchair Wheel Cleaner

    A device that automatically cleans the wheels of a wheelchair, similar to an automatic car wash.

  • Accessible Backpack

    A modified sling bag that enables an individual with low vision to easily access and identify different compartments of the bag.

  • Customised Crutch Grip

    A modified grip for regular crutches to enable a quadruple amputee better use her crutches.

  • Wheelchair warmer and waterproof cover

    A heated blanket and seat warmer that connect to a usb input on a wheelchair console.

  • Compression Stocking Donning Aid

    A device that enables an individual to easily apply their compression stockings independently.

  • Night Assist

    A system that allows an individual to signal for care during the night without needing to move. 

  • Seat Crutches

    A pair of crutches that can rapidly mobilise into a seat to give respite to individuals using crutches all day.

  • Skeleton Camera Mount

    A system that enables an individual using crutches to stabily film while on the go.

  • Portable wheelchair ramps

    Portable and lightweight wheelchair ramps that can be rapidly deployed to mount a curb.

  • Adjustable Guide Dog Harness

    An adjustable and flexible harness for guide dogs that can be easily detached for travel. 

  • Universal Bottle Pourer

    A device that with the push of a button, replicates the action of pouring a liquid into a glass.

  • One arm Towel Drying

    A simple 3D printed claw that enables an individual with limited mobility on one side to dry themselves independently.

  • Golf Club Grip

    A modified glove that enables an individual with poor motor function in their hand to grip a golf club.

  • Filming on Crutches

    A camera mount that can be used while walking with crutches that enables stable filming

  • Sensory play pods

    A modular sensory play pod for an individual living with SYNGAP, a rare genetic condition, to play and learn.

  • Adjustable Guide Dog Harness

    A telescopic adjustable guide dog harness that changes with different height shoes. 

  • Liquid level measure

    A device that reads out the level of liquid in a given pot to help an individual with low vision cook more independently.

  • Foot Cursor

    A custom made foot cursor and keyboard with hot keys.

  • Art Grip

    A simple grip device that enables an individual with poor motor control to grip a paint bursh or pencil.

  • Prader Willi Syndrome (PWS) exercise app

    An AR (augmented reality) app that promotes exercise for an individual with PWS.

  • Independent Fishing

    A automated fishing system that can be activated through a head pointer.

  • Magnetic Bracelet

    A magnetic bracelet that greatly reduces the effects of a tremor in an ABI individual.

  • Portable Wheelchair Ramps

    Portable and lightweight ramps that enable a wheelchair user to mount a curb.

  • Modular Gaming Controller

    A modified playstation or xbox controller that can be used on any wheelchair tray.

  • Seat Crutches

    Crutches that transform into a seat to provide respite for an individual after standing for long periods.

  • Tricycle for Quad Amputee

    A custom built tricycle for a quadruple amputee.

  • Laptop Button Switch

    An automatic switch mechanism that enables an individual to remotely turn off or on a laptop.

  • Pressure sensing wheelchair mat

    A pressure sensing mat for wheelchair cushions to detect the incidence of pressure sores.

  • Independent Dressing

    A device that allows an individual to dress themselves independently.

  • Tiger Eyes

    A modified ipad incorporating eye-gaze technology and large tactile buttons.

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