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Name: Joanne Smith 

Age: 47

Event: Ballarat Makeathon



Joanne is a 47-year-old with a neurological degenerative muscular disease which limits her mobility in her arms and legs. Joanne has trouble using her hands due to her flexed wrists and poor skin quality, making simple tasks incredibly difficult. Joanne would like a device to help hold her shoes open so that she can easily and independently slide her feet in.


Team Joanne created a device that enables joanne to independently to put on her shoes. The device has been constructed using two hardwood panels supported by a pneumatic actuator that can adjust the pitch and angle of the platform. The platform contains a lip to secure either left or right shoe and a magnetic hook mechanism that holds the shoe tongue open. In addition the team have attached a set of caster wheels and large brake panels so that joanne can easily and independently transport the device around her home and secure it into position when in use.

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