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seat crutches


Name: Lana

Event: Developer Groups



At the 2016 TOM: Melbourne Makeathon team Operation Sit Down, including Jack a 22-year old man with Cerebral Palsy, created chair-crutches. Jack experienced fatigue in his legs when walking or standing for extended periods, limiting his outings to spaces where adequate facilities are provided. The chair-crutches are designed to provide a safe, reliable and portable means for a person using crutches to rest tired legs. By allowing the user to sit down wherever they are, the design will grant them greater mobility and independence. For TOM Developer Groups 2018, a group of Makers will work alongside Lana a 7-year old with Diplegic Cerebral Palsy. Lana had been using a Dash walker prior to a major surgery in October 2017. Now she is using crutches and is seeking a device that will provide her with respite and greater independence.


Lana's team developed two solutions, one with crutch attachments and a second, a stool that turns into a crutch when folded. Both solutions utilise Lana's existing crutches giving her the flexibility to choose whichever solution she desired. 

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