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skeleton camera mount


Name: Amy

Event: Developer Groups



Amy Marks is a media student that wishes to film documentaries and short films independently – carrying a hand-held camera while also mobilising on crutches. The team from the 2017 TOM: Melbourne Makeathon created a simple camera stabilisation vest that is worn over the shoulders and strapped around the waist with a buckle. In order to tailor the vest towards Amy's needs, they created a 3-arm stabilisation system using 3D printed parts and Loc-line. To increase comfort and usability the team added padding and replaced the buckle strapping with Velcro straps for easier use with Amy's fine motor skills. However, soon after the Makeathon Amy’s prototype became no longer usable. Amy would like her device to, most importantly, allow her to film on the go while using her crutches so that she and other media students can film more independently again.


The camera rig that allows the user to operate a video camera and its accessories hands free. The device is intended for people who are unable to carry a hand held camera whilst walking.battery.

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