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Standing Shower Support


Name: Matt 

Event: 2022 Metro Makeathon



Matt would like to be able to wash his hair, which requires the use of both of his hands. Matt has had difficulty finding an accessible shower solution to enable him to use both of his hands freely while standing. Being able to stand while showering is important to Matt, as having a shower chair does not grant him the full freedom and independence that he needs, including restricting his mobility and adding further fall risks. Matt would like a support to fit within his small shower space, that he would be able to move and secure independently without damaging the space.


Team Matt developed an adjustable metal frame with a waterproof support cushion and belt. It is a portable, modular, and adjustable solution which provides a support for Matt to lean against while showering. The support cushion was designed with an adjustable belt to allow Matt to lean and move his upper body. The metal frame attaches to his shower space with rubber feet, and is completely rust and water proof. 

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