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'Tech' Neck

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Name: Kade 

Event: TOM@University 2022



Kade is a boardsports-loving father, partner and occupational therapist who deserves a peaceful and comfortable night's sleep to enable active participation in daily life. Often, Kade finds his sleep disrupted from pain and stiffness caused by the inflammatory condition Ankylosing Spondylitis - also known as 'Tech Neck'. Together with Kade, the student team aimed to design and create a portable, comfortable, ergonomical and adaptable pillow that supports Kade’s spine to ensure a quality nights sleep.


The 'Tech' Neck pillow is an adjustable neck pillow, designed to allow for extension and retraction of the spine during sleep to reduce pain. It includes a pumpable air pocket which can aid in the extension of the users neck throughout the night. The pillow was made using Kade's measurements in mind, however this can be adjusted to suit the frame of any individual. 

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