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Tiger Eyes


Name: Kevin and Mike

Event: TOM: Melbourne Makeathon 2016


Mike is the Customer & Community Engagement Manager at Scope and has a challenge for one of his clients, Kevin Thomas. Kevin is in his 50’s and has a complex physical disability. This means that he uses alternative ways to communicate and has only very limited use of his arms and head. Kevin isn't able to use eye trackings but can manipulate switches if they are large. Kevin loves the Richmond Football Team and Horse Racing and would like the opportunity to be able to access this information via the Internet and have it spoken to him. Currently, Kevin relies on others to help him set up a computer, find the information, and work with him closely to access the exact information he is looking for. 

Kevin would like a system that will allow him to do these tasks independently without the need to rely on others.


Kevin’s team worked with him closely to create a software solution which allows for Sites and searches of Kevin’s favorite subjects to be available on his desktop in large easy icons. They also created a large easy to use a button that Kevin can operate. The sites Kevin wishes to access are then put into a custom text-speech program automatically to allow Kevin to access the content independently.

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