TOM @ University combines the TOM process, teams of Makers and Need-Knowers, with interdisciplinary, human-centred design and engineering curriculums at Swinburne University of Technology.


The first twelve weeks of the project involves the Design Factory Melbourne (DFM) where Master of Occupational Therapy students work alongside Design Honours and Masters students to create prototypes for 8 unique challenges provided by Vision Australia, Scope, Solve Disability Solutions.

Prototypes from the DFM program will be open source, documented and presented as design demonstrators or working models, with a focus on the value these design solutions provide to users. Swinburne’s Engineering Practice Academy (EPA) for undergraduate engineering students is partnering on the second phase of TOM @ University to further develop some of the prototypes into open products – ready to be disseminated globally through the TOM Web Platform.

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What makes TOM @ University so great is that we're working with real people with real problems and we're co-designing with them rather than using a hypothetical brief

Paris Triantis, TOM @ University Lecturer