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Vision Loss
makeup mirror

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Name: Anna

Event: TOM@ University 2022


Anna is a woman living with visual impairment. She is a makeup enthusiast who struggles with her daily makeup routine as she is unable to see the left side of her face in the mirror. Anna would like to create an affordable, low-tech mirror design that allows her to see the left side of her face to improve the experience of applying makeup. Anna would like the mirror design to allow users to not only apply makeup but also style hair and put on jewelry and be accessible to all people living with visual impairment.


Anna's team developed a solid tablet stand that comes with height-adjustable joints and a mirror board to provide extended vision for people with vision impairment to apply makeup. The stand works with most tablets or mobile devices with a camera. Users are able to use their device as an adjustable mirror by changing how and where it is pointed at the extended mirror pieces. The design is modular and inexpensive, constructed out of plywood and off-the-shelf materials.

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