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Photography mount

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Name:Refocusing Passion

Event: TOM@University 2021



As a part of the TOM@University program 2021 at Swinburne University, some students were posed with the challenge of developing a Need-Knower profile (due to COVID restrictions) and designing a solution, based on their own market research into accessible technology. These problems were closely guided by the TOM: Melbourne team. Working with Refocusing Passion, the student wanted to develop a way for wheelchair users who enjoy or want to participate in photography to be able to position and stabilise their camera without the use of a tripod. Some key constraints were that the device should be durable and easy to adjust by the wheelchair user, and not obstruct their movement or comfort.


After extensive research and testing, the student developed a mounting system and camera arm for a standard wheelchair. The device consists of mostly 3D-printed parts,  attaching to the dominant side of the users wheelchair. The arm is foldable and swivels to ensure that use of the wheelchair is not impeded. Considered within the design, the height of the camera mount can be adjusted to suit the eye level of the user.

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