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Wheelchair Reversing Camera


Name: Vinny 

Event: 2022 Metro Makeathon



Vinny, like a lot of wheelchair (specifically power chair) users has little to no visibility when reversing. Vinny wanted a way to be able to see behind him without physically exerting himself, enabling him to do everyday tasks such as navigating more confidently and independently. The idea of having a similar system to a car's reversing camera is something Vinny has thought of using for a long time, but was not sure how to execute.


Team Vinny developed a modular reversing camera system which is displayed through Bluetooth to Vinny's mobile phone. The system works for both power and standard wheelchairs, using the chair's existing battery supply to power the camera. The live feed is monitored using an application which is free to download. It is primarily off the shelf and accessible technology, and enables a 170 degree view, so that Vinny can see past his chair's wheels.

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