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Wheelchair bowling device


Name: Jules

Event: TOM @ University



Jules has a history of degenerative muscle condition and is a full time power wheelchair user. Jules is able to use his hands to operate a joystick to power his wheelchair and also use a mobile phone. Jules would like to play indoor bowls but the commercially available products do not have the required functionality. Jules would like a device that can be clamped to his wheelchair with the appropriate guidance and actuation to allow him to play bowls!


The bowling mechanism enables users to aim and launch a bowling ball down a bowling alley at 8.3m/s. The device is controlled by a simple control panel that has been designed for users to control the mechanism with movement in one hand and to provide as much independence to the user as possible. An electric winch enables the user to wind up and launch the bowling ball from the control panel. A carer is required to mount the device to the front of the users wheelchair and to load the bowling ball after each bowl. The entire device is powered by a rechargeable 18V drill

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