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wheelchair warmer and waterproof cover


Name: Stacey and John

Event: TOM @ University



Stacey has muscular dystrophy and is a wheelchair user. In 2016 Stacey was a Need-Knower at the inaugural TOM: Melbourne Makeathon where her team developed portable, lightweight magnetic ramps that help her to mount any curb. 


John, a wheelchair user, is a big issue seller and sits out in the cold for hours on end. For both Stacey and John, keeping warm and staying dry during winter is a priority. Stacey would like a device that keeps her legs warm and protected from the rain. Her umbrella does not cover her legs and once they get wet, are difficult to warm up again due to poor circulation. John would like a solution that keeps his legs warm, ideally in a similar style to heated car seats. Can a solution be made for both John and Stacey that keeps their legs warm and dry?


The students have worked with Stacey and John over the semester to develop a heated blanket that would help to heat the extremities and also remain stylish. The device utilises a concealed heat pack powered by a battery or wheelchair to provide additional heating as required. battery.

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