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wheelchair wheel cleaner

mandy wheelchair wheel cleaner.jpg

The purpose of this device is to clean the tire surface of the wheelchair wheels to remove dirt and any other remnants. The user would use this device before entering their house to ensure that the wheelchair wheels don’t spread dirt and remnants inside the house. The device is autonomous, using the movement from the wheels on the device. 

The device is designed to enable a motorised wheelchair to drive up onto the device and stop so that the centre drive wheels are located between the central drive rollers and the smaller non-drive wheels of the wheelchair are located between the front and back rollers of the device. The user slowly drives backwards on the rollers, the drive wheels of the chair cause the central rollers to rotate; these are connected with sprockets and chain to the front and back rollers that transfer drive to the non-drive wheels of the chair. In this way the device uses the wheelchairs own power drive to rotate all wheels against both static and rotating brushes to clean the wheels of the wheelchair. 

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