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Jacinta Oakley

Jacinta Oakley

Image description: Jacinta smiling in front of a blurred background

Our first community spotlight for 2023 features Jacinta Oakley, a User Experience Consultant at Vision Australia and who has also participated in the last two Makeathons with us. Jacinta was most recently a Maker on Team Matt.

How did you first get involved with TOM?

I first became involved with TOM in 2021 after hearing about it from a colleague. I was part of Team Kasper. I loved working with the team to prototype a wheelchair mounted stand and case for Kasper’s communication device, with the aim to allow Kasper to access the device and communicate more easily.

What was Team Matt's challenge and how did you arrive at your solution?

Team Matt’s challenge was to help design a customised, discreet, standing shower support to help Matt reduce risks of slips and falls when showering.

Across the Makeathon weekend, we went through a number of quick, low-fidelity prototypes which we tested and tweaked with Matt along the way, before arriving at a final prototype. This consisted of a metal frame, a standing lean-to structure and a belt for addition support around the waist. What would you say to people who are thinking of participating in the next Makeathon?

I’d say absolutely go for it! It’s such a unique opportunity.

TOM is a supportive, inclusive and fun environment where you can apply your skills, have real impact and make lasting memories and connections.

You’ll learn so much while collaborating with a group of people with diverse skills and developing a custom piece of assistive tech for a person with disability.

What’s your favourite memory from the Makeathon?

Seeing the groups bring prototypes to life so quickly across the Makeathon weekend and watching them in action on the final evening. It was a big few days but there was such an amazing energy throughout!

January 2023

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