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Regional Makeathon

Hosted at the Geelong Tech School

Coming in early 2023!

Theme: "Sports & Recreation"


The TOM: Melbourne Makeathon is traditionally a weekend marathon of making. This time, combining a mix of online and face-to-face sessions, the Makeathon will take place over a number of sessions.

We work with people with disability who have a specific need (‘Need-Knowers’) and connect them with a diverse group of professionals, including engineers, industrial designers, health professionals and tradespeople (‘Makers’).

Together, they design and build products that solve a complex problem and improve the everyday life of the Need-Knower. Recent prototypes include robotic arms, powered crutches, wheelchair wheel cleaners and bespoke exercise machines. The intellectual property for every product is then shared through open source digital files, so others can replicate or iterate it.



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TBC (early 2023)

Design Night

TBC (early 2023)

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TBC (early 2023)

(Geelong Tech School)

Showcase & Handover

TBC (early 2023)

(Geelong Tech School)

TOM 2.0

TBC (early 2023)

(Geelong Tech School)

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Do you like problem solving, innovating and thinking outside the box? Do you want to volunteer your skills to make a real difference in the lives of those living with a disability?

Makers are engineers, designers, software and hardware developers, health professionals, hobbyists with a passion for social change.

Makers are placed in small teams and connected with Need-Knowers (individuals living a disability, support workers, family members, health professionals etc.) who will present their challenge.

Steve Wheelchair Bag System - TOM Melbou

Do you or someone you know or love, live with a disability? Do you have a specific challenge that you face on a daily basis?

Need-Knowers are individuals living with a disability, support workers, family members, allied health professionals, anyone with an intimate understanding of a neglected challenge. 

Need-Knowers join forces with teams of Makers with a passion for social change and problem solving to create a solution for a challenge presented by the Need-Knower.

Alternatively, apply by downloading one of these forms, filling it out and emailing it back to us!