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Regional Makeathon

Hosted at the Geelong Tech School
in March 2023

Theme: "Sports & Recreation"


The TOM: Melbourne Makeathon is traditionally a weekend marathon of making. This time, combining a mix of online and face-to-face sessions, the Makeathon will take place over a number of sessions.

We work with people with disability who have a specific need (‘Need-Knowers’) and connect them with a diverse group of professionals, including engineers, industrial designers, health professionals and tradespeople (‘Makers’).

Together, their aim is to co-design a solution that solves a complex problem and improve the everyday life of the Need-Knower. The intellectual property for every design is then shared through open source digital files on the TOM website, so others can replicate or iterate it.
About the program



Open Now!


1 March

(6pm, online)

Design Nights (x2)

8 March and 15 March

(6pm, online)

TOM 2019 Saturday Highlights High Res-3.
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25 and 26 March

(Geelong Tech School)


26 March

(Geelong Tech School)

TOM 2.0

1 April

(Geelong Tech School)

TOM 2019 Saturday High Res -215.jpg
Steve Wheelchair Bag System - TOM Melbou

Do you like problem solving, innovating and thinking outside the box? Do you want to volunteer your skills to make a real difference in the lives of those living with a disability?

Makers are engineers, designers, software and hardware developers, allied health professionals, hobbyists with a passion for social change.

Makers are placed in small teams and connected with Need-Knowers (individuals living a disability, support workers, family members, health professionals etc.) who will present their challenge.

Do you, or someone you know, have lived experience of a disability? Do you have a specific accessibility challenge?

Need-Knowers can be individuals living with a disability, support workers, family members, allied health professionals, or anyone with an intimate understanding of a neglected  accessibility challenge. 

Need-Knowers join forces with teams of Makers with a passion for social change and problem solving to create a solution for a challenge presented by the Need-Knower.

Alternatively, apply by downloading one of these forms, filling it out and emailing it back to us! 

Please note:

Whilst it is our aim is to ensure each team has the best possible chance of developing a solution that the Need-Knower can continue to use after the Makeathon, we cannot guarantee Need-Knowers will receive a working prototype solution given the nature of the program's limited time and resources. For any unfinished prototypes, we will work with the team to determine next steps. 

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