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TOM @ University sees students and Need-Knowers embark on a co-design journey to develop unique assistive technology solutions. In 2023 we worked with RMIT and Swinburne accross Design, Engineering and Occupational Therapy disciplines.


The TOM @ University program is a unique opportunity that brings together people with disability who have a specific need (Need-Knowers) with university students from various disciplines. Together, they co-design an assistive technology solution to address a challenge experienced by the Need-Knower. The resulting designs are then shared through open source digital files, allowing others to replicate or iterate the solutions.

We are excited to have worked with Swinburne's Design Factory Melbourne (DFM) as well as RMIT in 2023.


We would love to hear from potential Need-Knowers or tertiary institutions who are interested in participating in the TOM @ University program.

Please get in touch with us to find out more or register your interest.


The 2024 TOM @ University program is planned to run with Swinburne’s Design Factory Melbourne (DFM) and RMIT. “Need knowers”  will work together with a team of students over one semester to design an assistive technology solution for an unmet need. 

The program will connect a person with a disability to students from various disciplines (Occupational Therapy/ Design) to co-design an assistive technology solution. 

The focus of the program is on the co-design process, ensuring that the Need-Knower is part of the team to innovate a solution specifically designed to support their needs. Whilst promoting disability awareness, the aim of the program is to produce a “proof of concept” prototype and for the design solutions to be published on the TOM website which are shared open-source.

The program is provided free of charge, with the option for reimbursement of travel and transportation expenses within Metropolitan Melbourne.



Applications for the TOM @ University DFM program Open!

Applications Close end of May

Introduction Session July

TOM 2019 Saturday Highlights High Res-3.

TOM @ Uni DFM program concludes end October

​3 x Flexibly timed catch-ups  running from August to end of October

Swinburne DFM 2023

ARE you a

If you're interested in participating in the TOM @ University program, or would like to find out more, we would love to hear from you!

Become a need-knower

What makes TOM @ University so great is that we're working with real people with real problems and we're co-designing with them rather than using a hypothetical brief

Paris Triantis, TOM @ University Lecturer 

become A TOM Tertiary institution

Looking to be involved in the TOM @ University program and become a TOM:Melbourne Tertiary institution? Please get in touch with us to find out more or register your interest.

Tertiary Institutions
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