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Our process

Step 1

Together with community members and local disability organisations we identify ‘Neglected Challenges’ with ‘Need-Knowers’. Neglected Challenges are conditions that do not have an affordable market or government solutions. Need Knowers are individuals with a personal understanding of a Neglected Challenge.

Step 2


Challenges are then addressed during our flagship Makeathon event where teams of Makers and Need-Knowers work together over 2-3 days to create a prototype solution. All solutions become available in the public domain so that any TOM community can continue to develop and replicate the solutions in their own community. 

Step 3

Through a process known as TOM 2.0, we continue working on the prototypes developed at the Makeathon, upgrading them into TOM Products. TOM products are robust, reliable and durable. A TOM product consists of a physical solution as well as a Digital Product File which can then be downloaded for replication in any makerspace around the world. 

Step 4

In partnership with local makerspaces, TOM Products are manufactured and distributed on a small scale. TOM products can be purchased online from our products page. Once purchased, a TOM team member will get in contact with you to discuss how the product can be included within your NDIS support plan. 

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