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Community Spotlight

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Stella Rose Carew

July 2024

In this month's Community Spotlight, we are shining a light on one of our Need-Knowers, Stella Rose Carew. Stella participated in the September 2022 Makeathon. She came to the program seeking a way to wash her dishes independently. Stella valued being listening to and involved throughout the process. 

Bianca Stern

May 2024

This month’s community spotlight features Bianca Stern, General Manager of All Things Equal. All Things Equal is a not-for-profit social enterprise that exists to bridge the gap between people with a disability and the wider community through purposeful training and award-wage employment.

Madeleine Buchner OAM

April 2024

This month's community spotlight features Madeleine Buchner OAM, the founder and CEO of Little Dreamers. Little Dreamers provides support for young people acting as carers for a family member. Madeleine's first-hand experience as a young carer spurs her on to nurture the wellbeing and education of others who do the same.

Jacinta Oakley

January 2023

Our first community spotlight for 2023 features Jacinta Oakley, a User Experience Consultant at Vision Australia and who has also participated in the last two Makeathons with us. Jacinta was most recently a Maker on Team Matt.

Michael Macris

November 2022

This month's community spotlight features Michael Macris, who recently participated as a Maker at our September 2022 Makeathon. Michael is an avid maker who has explored work as a design engineer through building recycling machines and designing hydrogen trucks. 

Qianya Zhao

October 2022

This month's community spotlight features Qianya Zhao who volunteered at our most recent Makeathon event. Qianya is a student at Monash University, and is also a volunteer for the Monash Young Medtech Innovators (MYMI). 

Desiree Riny

September 2022

Meet Desiree Riny, this month's community spotlight, who participated as a Maker in our September Melbourne Makeathon. Desiree is an Industrial Designer who has been involved with TOM since 2019. 

Matthew Butler

August 2022

This month, our community spotlight features Matthew Butler, Associate Professor at the Department of Human-Centred Computing at Monash University, where we are holding our upcoming Makeathon in September.

Mo Tanida

June 2022

This month's community spotlight is Mo Tanida. Mo is currently studying a double degree in Product Design Engineering and International Business at Swinburne University. He shares his experience as a participant of the TOM @ University program this year.

John Dardaganis

May 2022

This month, we're featuring John Dardaganis in our community spotlight. John participated in our 2021 Makeathon as a Maker on Team Charlie.

Stephen Kelly

April 2022

This month's community spotlight features Stephen Kelly, who has been an avid participant of our TOM Makeathon programs, first as a Need-Knower in 2019, and then as a Maker in the Ballarat regional Makeathon that same year.

Sarah van der Schans

March 2022

Our monthly spotlight features Sarah van der Schans. Sarah is studying a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) with a major in Product Design - and first engaged with TOM: Melbourne for our 2021 Makeathon on Team Charlie.

Mark Strachan

February 2022

This month we're spotlighting Mark Strachan, lecturer in Industrial Design, Product Design Engineering and Product Service Systems at Swinburne University of Technology. This year, Mark is teaching Design Engineering students participating in our TOM@University program.

Ellie Moskow

January 2022

This month our community spotlight is on Ellie Moskow, who completed an internship with TOM: Melbourne in 2021 and continues as a member of the TOM: Melbourne team. 

Brenton & Helen

November 2021

This month we touched base with Helen and Brenton, who participated as Need-Knowers in this year's Makeathon, to find out about their experience of being involved in the Makeathon, as well as to find out how Brenton is getting on.

Tia Stewart

October 2021

This month we're featuring Tia Stewart, an Occupational Therapist currently working in Special Education. Tia specialises in Aquatic Therapy and recently participated in our TOM Makeathon as a Maker on Team Charlie.

Samuel Pinches

September 2021

This month, our community spotlight features Samuel Pinches, a Chemical Engineering graduate who participated in our most recent Makeathon. For Sam, his passion lies in making and designing things in his spare time.

Yow Wai Tham

August 2021

This month we’re putting the spotlight on Engineer and 2021 TOM: Melbourne Makeathon participant, Yow Wai Tham. Yow Wai graduated as a Mechanical Engineer and developed a career designing medical devices and automotive automatic transmissions. 

George Chen

July 2021

This month we’re putting the spotlight on George Chen, a Software Developer and 2019 Maker who participated in our regional Ballarat Makeathon.

Alicia Chong

June 2021

This month we’re spotlighting Alicia Chong, a paediatric occupational therapist and Maker for Team Brenton. Discover more about how Alicia heard about TOM: Melbourne and her experience participating in the Makeathon.

Taylah Hill

May 2021

This month, we're spotlighting TOM: Melbourne's Education Programs Coordinator, Taylah Hill, as she shares her experience participating as a Need-Knower for Kaspar and his team of Makers.

All Things Equal

April 2021

This month, our spotlight is on Anna Scholten and her son, Charlie, who will be Need-Knowers at our upcoming Makeathon. Anna also works with a team providing meaningful employment to people with disability at the new cafe, All Things Equal, in Balaclava, Melbourne.

Sing Le

March 2021

Introducing 2019 TOM Maker, Sing Le. We recently caught up with Sing to find out more about his experience participating in TOM: Melbourne’s Ballarat Makeathon, and what unique product he is currently developing.

Mary & Amy

December 2020

This month we're thrilled that we were able to connect past Need-Knower, Amy Marks and current TOM Need-Knower Ambassador & Disability Resource Centre for Advocacy (DRC) Chairperson, Mary Henley-Collopy.

Hans Mestizo

November 2020

This month we're spotlighting Hans Mestizo, who participated as a Maker in the 2019 TOM: Melbourne Makeathon. He worked as part of an incredible team to help Joanne, an individual with poor motor control, to easily and independently brush her teeth.

Amy Marks

October 2020

This month we're spotlighting Amy, who participated in the 2017 Makeathon and the 2018 Developer Groups as a Need-Knower. She is now working on the National Youth Disability Summit at CYDA - Children and Young People with Disability Australia. 

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