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Do you like problem solving, innovating and thinking outside the box? Do you want to volunteer your skills to make a real difference in the lives of those living with a disability?

Makers are engineers, designers, software and hardware developers, health professionals, hobbyists with a passion for social change.

Makers are placed in small teams and connected with Need-Knowers (individuals living a disability, support workers, family members, health professionals etc.) who will present their challenge.

Steve Wheelchair Bag System - TOM Melbou

become a

Do you or someone you know or love, live with a disability? Do you have a specific challenge that you face on a daily basis?

Need-Knowers are individuals living with a disability, support workers, family members, allied health professionals, anyone with an intimate understanding of a neglected challenge. 

Need-Knowers join forces with teams of Makers with a passion for social change and problem solving to create a solution for a challenge presented by the Need-Knower.


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The Makeathon connects Need-Knowers (individuals with a deep understanding of neglected challenges, often an individual living with a disability) with teams of Makers (engineers, designers, developers, problem solvers) to create assistive technology solutions (prototypes). Prototypes developed at the Makeathon are available online for anyone around the world to access.
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Building on the success of the TOM: Melbourne Makeathons, Developer Groups represent phase 2 of the TOM process by upgrading prototypes into TOM Products. Small teams of Makers work regularly for 12-weeks alongside Need-Knowers at our partner makerspace. 
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Our TOM @ Schools program offers a unique program teaching students about disability and assistive technology, utilising empathy and creative problem-solving skills. The program includes Disability Awareness led by a guest speaker, design thinking and prototyping to solve real challenges related to accessibility, and student presentations.


TOM @ University combines the TOM process, teams of Makers and Need-Knowers, with interdisciplinary, human-centred design and engineering curriculums at Swinburne University of Technology.
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