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Michael Macris

Michael Macris

Image description: Black and white headshot of Michael smiling

This month's community spotlight features Michael Macris, who recently participated as a Maker at our September 2022 Makeathon. Michael is an avid maker who has explored work as a design engineer through building recycling machines and designing hydrogen trucks. 

What was your experience like being part of the TOM: Melbourne Makeathon?

The Makeathon provided a welcoming environment for people to come together to solve important and often overlooked problems. Having the Need-Knowers and Makers in one place made for a unique cross-pollination of ideas. For me, this was exciting, fast paced and rewarding. What was your role in the Team?

My role involved thinking of concepts as well as translating these into rough mockups, CAD and eventually a functional prototype.

What’s your favourite memory from the Makeathon?

My favourite memory was working with a team I just met, but still being able to plan and execute different tasks within two days to achieve a concept we're proud of.

How did you first become involved with TOM: Melbourne?

I became involved with TOM: Melbourne by first hearing about the organisation through word of mouth. I now keep updated around what is happening via the TOM: Melbourne social channels.

November 2022

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