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Mo Tanida

Mo Tanida

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This month's community spotlight is Mo Tanida. Mo is currently studying a double degree in Product Design Engineering and International Business at Swinburne University. He shares his experience as a participant of the TOM @ University program this year.

Tell us about your experience so far participating in the TOM @ University Program?

I have been impressed by the altruistic nature of Tikkun Olam Makers, industry partners and other students participating in the University program.  Whether visiting manufacturers, or talking to experts in industry, they all have been very open and helpful in assisting and giving advice about the TOM projects' directions.  

What do you love about taking on a TOM challenge for your final year project?

By far the most rewarding part of working with TOM on a Need-Knower's challenge is the immediate and personal impact that it achieves.  As a student, it allows you to work on a real project, creating a real solution, which is rewarding as you communicate personally with the person whose problem you are developing a solution for.  

What skills will you take with you from the TOM @ University Program when you enter the workforce after graduating?

My biggest learning has been the importance of keeping the user (Need-Knowers) needs in mind throughout the design process, ensuring that the design fulfils what they require, whilst also getting regular feedback so you know you are heading in the right direction. I think another important skill is the ability to approach people with expertise in various industries, being able to concisely describe the project and effectively incorporate their feedback.

June 2022

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