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A U-shape hand held device with a toothbrush attachment and wall mounted toothpaste dispenser.


A sleek and weight bearing wheelchair wheel cleaning docking station.

Wheelchair Wheel Cleaning Device

A durable and robust wheelchair tray that can be operated with one arm.

Wheelchair Tray

A device that enables wheelchair users to bowl independently from their wheelchair.

Wheelchair Bowling Device

An 3D printed attachment allowing easier grip for smaller items such as keys.

Key Holder

An guide dog harness that can be adjusted on the go, with a quick release mechanism.

Adjustable Guide Dog Harness

Pick up stick to allow a Quadruple amputee to pick up items that may otherwise be out of reach.

Ampathy Stick

select product & receive quote

Select desired product and receive a quote from TOM: Melbourne. 

NDIS Approval

Use the quote provided to secure funding from the NDIS or other funding schemes. 

therapist assessment

If necessary, a therapist will visit you to assess whether the product meets your requirements. 

build and deliver

Once approved, your product will be built, delivered and installed. 

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